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United States

My home country, but I haven't gotten around much as a tourist since retiring to the USA. I will cover a few places and trips, but most of the blogs for the USA will be found under hiking/peak bagging

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My absolute best vacations have been on safari in Africa.  The have great mountains to climb, see the hiking section. and great beach destinations. Everyone should find away to go on safari at least once. My focus in this section will be on Kenya, South Africa, and Tanzania.

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I left the USA in 1992.  Spending my first two years living in Singapore and China.  This was pre civilian GPS and digital cameras, so any blogs from this era, will take some time to complete.  I hope to cover a few trips, both business and pleasure in China, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Tibet, Vietnam.

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One of my favorite vacation destinations, would love to live here for a few years. I hope to cover trips taken to Great Britain, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine and Turkey,

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Middle East

I lived and worked for several years in the Middle East.  My two favorite counties for vacations were Oman and Turkey.  I first lived in Egypt and later in Dubai.  Blogs coming on Dubai, Egypt, Oman and Turkey.

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South America

I spent seven years living and working in South America.  I have fond memories of all the countries I lived in and visited.  In future blogs I hope to cover trips/experiences in Brazil, Columbia, Ecuador, Suriname, Trinidad Tobago and Venezuela

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